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Personal Data Treatment

Multipartes de Colombia SAS, in order to give a better service and fulfilling for the disposed by the law 1581 from 2012 and on its regulatory decree 1377 from 2013 report that, in occasion with the trading relations with its customers, suppliers, workers and thirds at the date has obtained information that contains personal data which are registered in our database. The collected data has been and will be used only and exclusively for the right lending of MULTIPARTES DE COLOMBIA S.A.S. services and according to the purposes on the privacy policy and personal data treatment.

In effect multipartes of Colombia sas as responsible and/or in charge of the personal data treatment obtained through its different gathering channels, request to all its customers, suppliers, workers and thirds among others, authorization to continue with the treatment of their personal data according to the privacy policy and personal data treatment Under the above and taking into account the disposed by the article 10 of the decree 1377 of 2013 multipartes of Colombia sas report that will be authorized, in clear way and non-wrong to realize the personal data treatment according to its information treatment policies, unless you manifest otherwise inside the thirty (30) lawful days by the reception of this issue. For this we put to your disposition an e-mail whereby could be realized such errand.

The rights that assist as holder of the information are: know, actualize, rectify and request the suppression of personal data, request the test of the given authorization, be informed about the use of the personal data; show complains about infringement in the rules of personal data; revoke the given authorization and consult for free the previous authorized personal data. Such rights shall be exercised, through the before told e-mail or the ways settled by multipartes of Colombia sas in its privacy policy and personal data treatment reachable in our web page



Legal representative and responsible of personal data treatment.