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Privacy Policy

Recitals. The article # 15 of the Colombian polity enshrines the right of any person to know, update and rectify the personal data that exist about (her /him) in the private or public entities files or database. In same way order those who have personal data of thirds respect the rights and warranty provided in the polity when gather, handle and move that kind of information. The statuary law 1581 from October 17 / 2012 establishes the minimal conditions to make the real personal data treatment of the customers, workers and any other natural person. The literally K) from the article # 17 of this law forces to the responsible for the personal data treatment to ``adopt an inner manual of policies and procedures to guarantee the right fulfill of the present law specially, for the claims and questions handling” the article # 25 of the same law orders that the data treatment are obligatory fulfilling and unknowing it shall bring sanctions. These policies can’t guarantee a lower treatment established in the law 1581 from 2012. MULTIPARTES DE COLOMBIA S.A.S implicate itself with the respect of the rights of the customers, workers and thirds broadly, by that adopt the policy of personal data treatment of obligatory application in all the activities that involve personal data treatment.

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